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Waterpolo section of Upsala Simsällskap

What is Waterpolo?

Waterpolo is a ball-sport which is growing exponentially in Sweden. An extremely simplified way of explaining waterpolo is to compare it with a physical type of handball in the water where you are only allowed to touch the ball with one hand at a time. The ball, which looks like a volleyball, but is moderately heavier and has a special grip to be able to be handled properly in the water is never allowed to be completely under the waterline.


Waterpolo is considered to be one of the most complete sports, demanding a combination of physical fitness, speed, ball handling skills and tactical insight. Waterpolo is played 7 against 7, where there is one goal keeper and six field-players, the maximal amount of substitute players is set to 6. An adult match at the highest level of playing is 4x8minutes net. playtime, matches for children are respectively 4x5 or 4x6 minutes depending on the age group they are playing.


Waterpolo with Upsala Simsällskap

The waterpolo section of Upsala Simsällskap was founded about three years ago. Since then, over 40 players have started engaging in waterpolo. The only demand from us is that you are able to swim at least 200m.

We offer waterpolo for three different groups at Upsala Simsällskap:

Waterpolo group 8-12 years old, girls and boys together (USM-C):

What do we focus on:

The youngest group trains a combination of swimming techniques, general waterpolo techniques, with and without ball  and some simplified games for our waterpolo stars to be. We offer semi-individual specific training for each player’s needs depending on their skill level. As a player in USM-C, one also has the opportunity to play in Poolkampen, a tournament type where teams from the whole of Sweden gather to play matches together.

Training times:

Wednesdays 18:00-19:00

Saturdays      09:00-10:00


Waterpolo group 12-14 years  old, girls and boys together (USM-B):

What do we focus on:

The age group 12-14 years old, or USM-B, as it is called, focusses during the trainings on a combination of swimming techniques related to waterpolo, waterpolo techniques, with and without the ball, waterpolo playing systems and the physical aspect of the sport. We focus on playing as a team where every individual player has his own role in the team, depending on their strengths. Also, We organise and go to friendly tournaments in Sweden as well as we are playing friendly matches in the area.

Training times:

Wednesdays  18:00-19:30

Thursdays      18:30-20:00

Saturdays       09:00-10:00


Adult team, for now a mix between male and female: 

What do we focus on:

The adult team is for all players who are older than 14 years old, because we are currently setting up a brand new team and we are still searching for players, the trainings are quite simple of structure. This is however going to change when we are able to be more competitive regarding the number of players.

Training times:

For the moment we only organise separate trainings, this is however going to change soon. We are currently working on getting weekly booked pool-time.


We are fully equiped to play waterpolo for all age groups, the only thing you need to think about when you want to start playing with us is to bring your trunk, hand towel and a water bottle + fruit/energy bar for after the trainings.


The costs to play waterpolo for one term are 1550kr/term + 100kr club members fee/year + possible extra costs for tournaments.

Are you interested in trying out waterpolo with us or do you have any questions, be very welcome to send an email to This is a mailto link. Please mention your name, personal number, address and telephone number in the mail so we can contact you.

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